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Introductory provisions

1. 1. This complaint procedure governs the procedure for applying a complaint to goods purchased from Konex Medik and forms an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions.

1. 2. The buyer is obliged to familiarize himself with the Complaints Procedure and the General Terms and Conditions before ordering the goods.

1. 3. By concluding the purchase contract and taking over the goods from the seller, the buyer agrees to this Complaints Policy.


Liability for defects

1. 1. The seller is responsible for defects that the goods have when they are taken over by the buyer.

1. 2. If they are not perishable items or used items, the seller is also responsible for defects that occur after receiving the goods during the warranty period (warranty).

2. 1. Natural wear and tear of the goods cannot be considered a defect.

2. 2. If a discount is granted, it is not possible to claim the goods later due to the error for which the discount was granted.

2. 3. The buyer is not entitled to demand the return of the goods and the return of the purchase price from the seller due to their unnecessaryness.



1. 1. If a longer warranty period is not specified, the warranty period for the delivered goods is 24 months and begins when the goods are received by the buyer.

1. 2. At the buyer's request, the seller is obliged to provide a written guarantee (warranty certificate). If the nature of the matter allows it, it is sufficient to issue a proof of purchase instead of a warranty certificate.

1. 3. The warranty period is extended by the period during which the goods were under complaint. If the goods are exchanged, the warranty period starts again from the receipt of the new goods. The same applies if there is a replacement of a part for which a guarantee has been provided.

1. 4. Rights from liability for product defects for which the warranty period applies shall expire if they were not exercised within the warranty period.

2. 1. The warranty does not cover damage caused by:

a) mechanical damage to the goods,

b) electrical overvoltage (visible burnt parts or circuit boards) with the exception of normal deviations,

c) using the goods in conditions that do not correspond to those specified directly by the seller or manufacturer,

d) unprofessional installation, handling, service, or neglect of the care of the goods,

e) the goods were damaged by excessive loading or use contrary to the conditions specified in the documentation or general principles,

f) performing an unqualified intervention or changing parameters,

g) goods that have been modified by the customer, if an error has arisen as a result of this modification,

h) the goods were damaged by natural elements or force majeure,

i) by the use of incorrect or non-original consumables, nor for possible damages incurred as a result.

3. 1. If the subject of the purchase is consumables or if this material is part of the purchased goods, the lifetime (expiration) is used instead of the quality guarantee. In order to successfully apply for a claim, it is necessary to comply with all the stated conditions.

3. 2. The buyer's right to complain about the goods within the legal warranty period is not affected by this. However, the buyer must take into account the fact that the warranty does not cover wear and tear caused by normal use of the item or changes in the properties of the goods caused by their over-expiration.


Warranty conditions

1. 1. When receiving the goods, the buyer is obliged to check the correctness and integrity of the shipment (number of packages, integrity of the tape, damage to the box).

1. 2. Damaged, missing goods or goods that do not agree with the order or invoice must be claimed immediately after receiving the goods, but within 3 working days at the latest.

1. 3. A functional defect of the goods covered by the warranty must be claimed immediately after its discovery.

2. 1. If the buyer accepts a shipment that is incomplete or damaged, it is necessary to write a damage report with the carrier and send a copy of it to the seller without delay.

2. 2. In case of exchange of incorrectly sent goods, or return of goods by sending them to the seller, the buyer is obliged to return the goods complete, with complete documentation, undamaged, clean, if possible including the original packaging, in the condition and value in which the goods were received. The buyer is also obliged to ensure that the goods are not damaged during transport. Konex Medik recommends using the packaging in which the goods were delivered to the buyer.

2. 3. If the buyer violates point 2, the seller has the right to reject the claim or demand compensation from the buyer.


Procedure for making a complaint

1. 1. The buyer can notify the seller of the claim in any way (in writing, by phone, in person at the company's headquarters). However, for better communication and its traceability, the seller recommends reporting the application of the complaint in writing by e-mail.

1. 2. In the complaint, the buyer shall state the name and type of the complained-of product, if necessary and possible the batch or serial number, a detailed description of the defect, the way in which he wishes to resolve the complaint and his contact information (name, phone number, e-mail, or address).

1. 3. In the event that it is not possible to resolve the complaint in the manner requested by the buyer, the seller will agree with the buyer on another method.

2. 1. The seller will immediately remove the removable defect, arrange for its removal at the manufacturer or exchange the goods for a new one, if this does not cause serious difficulties for the buyer.

2. 2. The buyer has the right to demand the replacement of the goods instead of removing the defect, if this does not result in unreasonable costs for the seller considering the price of the goods or the severity of the defect.

2. 3. If it is an irreparable defect, a larger number of defects, or the recurrence of a defect after repair, which prevents the item from being properly used as a defect-free item, the buyer has the right to exchange the item or withdraw from the contract.

2. 4. In the event of a defect that does not prevent the item from being properly used, the buyer has the right to a discount from the purchase price.

3. 1. The seller will decide on the complaint immediately, in complex cases within three working days. This period does not include the time appropriate for the type of product or service required for expert assessment of the error. The seller will handle the complaint, including the removal of the error, without undue delay, no later than 30 days from the date of application of the complaint.


Final provisions

1. 1. These Complaints Regulations become valid and effective on 4/23/2018.

1. 2. The seller is entitled to change and supplement these Complaints Regulations at any time. Amendments to the Complaints Regulations are effective from the date of their publication on the website www.konexmedik.eu.

2. 1. The relationship between the seller and the buyer not regulated by these Complaints Regulations or GTC is governed by the relevant legal regulations. This is especially the relationship between the seller and the buyer, who is an entrepreneur.

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